tracks tires promo

20% discount on every SET of tracks or tires

JCB and Camso have teamed up to offer a 20% discount on every qualified sale of JCB and ALL model tracks or tires for construction machines, until August 31, 2020.

Program Guidelines:
• 20% off DNET and free shipping on all SETS of Camso tracks (qty 2 or more) or tires (qty 4 or more)
• Only specific part numbers eligible (Applicable part numbers attached)
• Tracks ordered that are not listed on the approved parts list will not receive the discount
• Program runs until Aug 31, 2020.
• No Initial order needed to qualify
• Minimum of 2 tracks OR 4 tires must be ordered to receive discount and free shipping

Program Restrictions:
• Stock orders only
• Cannot be combined with any other offersA