Skid Steer Loaders - Powerboom Arm

Southwest JCB offers the complete line of JCB skid steer loaders. They feature the JCB Powerboom™. A single loader arm design that helps make them the most innovative units in the market. They are stronger and safer than conventional machines and deliver all the features that today’s owners and operators demand. They are undoubtedly the safest design on the market. When you need power and smooth maneuverability, check out Southwest JCB construction’s skid steer loaders for sale in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.

Wheel and Track versions Available

A skid steer can do almost everything a compact track loader can do, but it’s lighter and therefore easier to transport. The wheels (versus tracks) make operation more comfortable, and they make this piece of heavy construction equipment better suited for flat and paved surfaces than rough or slippery terrain. A skid steer loader is the perfect companion for work in warehouses, industrial facilities, and on flat outdoor surfaces such as for roadwork, excavating and digging.

Full Line of Attachments

Their multipurpose functions make them great for landscapers — you can mow, grade, backfill, clear land, grind stumps and plow snow. Skid steer loaders are your friend for both demolition and construction projects, making quick work of demolishing buildings, clearing debris and digging foundations. When you’re looking at skid steer loaders for sale in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, check out our full line of attachments to get maximum use out of your heavy construction equipment. Visit our showroom to see the variety of skid steersd available.

JCB Skid Steer Video