JCB’s range of rental-ready RS generators includes five Tier 4 Final-compliant models from 56 kW to 500 kW, each designed to meet the demands of the North American rental market. JCB’s RS generator range can deliver the power you need, wherever you operate. So, you can be confident that your power source is reliable, efficient, and high performing.

Every generator model is easy to operate & maintain. Plus, they are designed to be towed for rapid deployment.

Models include: G70RS, G125RS, G220RS, G400RS, G625RS.

  • Fuel Capacity: 132 gal – 593 gal (500L – 2,246L)
  • Fuel Autonomy: 24 – 36 Hours
  • Prime Power: 56 kW – 500 kW (70 kVA -626 kVA)

RS Generator Features

  • JCB’s LiveLink telematics system enables efficient operation and delivers machine diagnostic information, 24/7.

  • Integrated steps and walk-on fenders with non-slip, diamond plate finish.

  • The entire JCB RS generator range can be mounted on fast-tow trailers for rapid delivery.

  • Simple T4F SCR aftertreatment with no diesel particulate filter (DPF) or DOC, for improved wet stacking performance.

  • Easy-to-access control cubicles, with automatic mains failure and synchronizing controllers.

  • High quality components including the award-winning JCB Dieselmax engine.


    The T4F RS range is designed specifically with the rental operator in mind. Real-world scenarios and extensive customer feedback have helped us create products that are easy to operate and maintain.

    • Easy to prepare for hire.
    • Optional 480V, 208V and 240V rotary selector switch.
    • Easy to transport when trailer mounted.
    • Durable Single point lift supports the generator, JCB trailer and a full tank of fuel.
    • Power can be supplied through Camlock connections for quick installation and local small power receptacles provide smaller power requirements to fit all site requirements.
    • Simple controllers enable easy operation.
    • Automatic mains failure (AMF) and Synchronizing controllers from Deep Sea Electronics and DEIF.


    When the power is out, we understand that time is of the essence. That’s why our complete T4F RS range can be supplied on fast tow trailers, designed for rapid response delivery.

    • All optional trailers are designed to comply with Department of Transport (DOT) regulations.
    • The Choice of electric or hydraulic brakes depending on your generator usage.
    • To protect the LED tail lights we’ve recessed them within the trailer.
    • 3” Pintle eye and 7 pin electrics for robust and versatile towing options.
    • Heavy duty levelling jack with quick release foot for the ultimate stability on site.


    On-site safety is of paramount importance, so the T4F RS range is packed with features to help protect operators, bystanders and the generators themselves.

    • Nonslip diamond plate fenders with integrated step on JCB trailer.
    • Control and cable connections accessed from the safe curbside.
    • AC and DC supplies segregated for safe working.
    • All electrical access points are micro switch protected for operator safety.
    • Captive anti vibration mounting for safe road use.

    Why Choose JCB Generators


    The optional JCB Generator Trailer provides easy towing. Included LED Taillights, and a heavy-duty, centrally mounted jack makes hitching and leveling on rough terrains easy. Designed to be towed with operating weights from 7,239 to 25,209 lbs.


    Easy access controls with voltage adjustment, indicator lamps, and optional synchronizing controllers.


    500-hour service intervals, no DPF or DOC. Full size radiator access doors allow easy cleaning of radiators. Components from JCB, Volvo, MeccAlte, Deep Sea Electronics, DEIF and Schneider Electrics.


    Voltage can be changed using a 3-position, 3-phase and single-phase alternator mounted rotary switch. Panel mounted voltage test points and bus hot warning lamp. Control cubicle segregates AC and DC supply for maximum safety.

    Contact Southwest JCB to learn how the RS generators enable you to remain in control of your fleet with engines and alternators set up to work in perfect harmony, providing the ultimate efficiency and load acceptance.

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