Dynapac Roadbuilding Equipment

Dynapac is a leading supplier of high tech soil and asphalt rollers, light equipment, pavers and milling equipment, committed to strengthen customer performance. Dynapac North America headquarters is located in Fort Mill, South Carolina and they are the experts in developing innovative equipment for compaction and paving.

Dynapac offers a variety of products for use in roadbuilding that includes single drum vibratory rollers, double drum vibratory rollers, combination rollers, pneumatic rollers, plate compactors, trench rollers, asphalt pavers—both tracked and wheeled, screeds and other road rollers.

Infra companies, contractors, civil engineers, road construction project managers trust Dynapac’s heavy-duty compaction machines when it comes to road building, airfields, dams, harbors and industrial sites.

Southwest JCB partners with Dynapac

Southwest JCB knows the importance of using compaction equipment to improve the strength and stiffness of soil on the job site and therefore has partnered with Dynapac to provide you with innovative equipment that will improve productivity and reduce improper soil compaction that can result in structure failure and more unnecessary maintenance costs.

Visit the two Southwest JCB locations in Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ that offers the complete line of Dynapac products to meet your needs for soil and asphalt rollers, pavers as well as light compaction equipment.

Southwest JCB sells, rents, services and provides parts for the industry leading product line of Dynapac equipment - asphalt rollers, gravel compactors, plate compactors, dirt compactors, soil compactors, and attachments.
Contact our locations in Denver and Phoenix for more information and customer service.


Dynapac has a complete range of compaction equipment including rollers, pavers and compactors, from the very smallest to one of the worlds largest; to help you tackle every asphalt job, from commercial parking lots and highways to bike paths and driveways.

There are several benefits to using Dynapac compaction equipment:

  • Efficiency: Dynapac equipment is designed to maximize compaction efficiency and productivity, which helps to reduce the overall project time and cost.
  • Durability: The compaction equipment is built to last, with high-quality materials and components that can withstand the rigors of heavy use and tough job site conditions.
  • Versatility: Dynapac equipment is suitable for a range of applications, from road construction and maintenance to industrial and commercial projects.
  • Precision: The equipment is designed to provide precise compaction, ensuring that the desired density and smoothness levels are achieved.
  • User-friendly: Dynapac equipment is user-friendly, with easy-to-use controls and features that make it easy for operators to operate and maintain the equipment.
  • Safety: The equipment is designed with safety in mind, with features such as roll-over protection and ergonomic controls to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Environmental benefits: The compaction equipment is designed to minimize emissions and reduce fuel consumption, helping to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects.

Dynapac's asphalt roller range features everything from the most compact equipment for repair jobs to larger machines for the biggest sites. Ask about Dynapac's compactors with Smooth-Wheeled Rollers, Combi Rollers, Pneumatic–Tire Rollers, Double Drum Rollers, Steel Drum Rollers, Sheep-foot Rollers, Tamping-foot Rollers, etc.


Dynapac paving equipment provides a range of benefits that can help contractors to complete paving projects efficiently, effectively, and with high-quality results.

  • High-quality paving: Dynapac equipment is designed to deliver high-quality paving results. Whether you are paving roads, highways, or airports, Dynapac machines are engineered to provide a smooth and even surface.
  • Durability: Dynapac equipment is built to withstand harsh working conditions and heavy usage. The machines are made from high-quality materials and are designed to last for years.
  • Easy to operate: Dynapac equipment is user-friendly and easy to operate. The machines come with intuitive controls, making it easy for operators to use them efficiently.
  • Increased efficiency: Dynapac equipment is designed to increase productivity and efficiency on job sites. The machines can handle large quantities of materials and can complete paving projects quickly.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Dynapac equipment is designed to require minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly: Dynapac equipment is designed to be environmentally friendly. The machines are equipped with advanced emission control systems that reduce emissions and pollution.
  • Advanced technology: Dynapac equipment is equipped with advanced technology that allows for precise paving and real-time monitoring of the paving process. This technology ensures that the paving is done accurately and efficiently.
Check out our selection of Commercial pavers, city pavers, highway pavers, mini pavers, compact pavers, mobile feeders, etc. The pavers are designed to provide best in class paving quality, reliability and longevity. The extra heavy duty Dynapac screeds attached with these pavers provide unparalleled pre compaction and mat quality.


Dynapac's range of compact equipment offers something for all tasks and will be the perfect addition to your fleet. The Dynapac Light Compaction range compliments our larger compaction & paving equipment to get the job done in relatively confined spaces.

We focus on every possible type of material to compact, through weight classes and different types of machines. Rammers, forward and reversible vibratory plates, twin drum roller, utility roller and mix spreaders – a fantastic range of equipment that is Designed to Perform and Built to Last! Here are some of Dynapac's featured compact equipment options:

  • Rammers: Rammers compress cohesive and semi-cohesive soil surfaces such as flooring, road and pavement repair projects, construction trenches and foundations, and any other job that requires flattening earth or soil.
  • Forward Vibratory Plates: Forward plates (vibe plate)compress granular soils, asphalt, and mixes of granular & cohesive soil such as road construction (drainage pipe systems, drainage collectors, culverts and curbing, pipe bedding and areas around services, e.g. drainage dewatering pipes), and critical areas around surface water collectors which are susceptible to later settlements.
  • Reversable Vibratory Plates: Reversable plates (the most versatile compactor) compress semi-cohesive soils in applications such as retaining walls, trenches, tight spaces, and other deep compaction areas that may need more passes.
  • Walk-Behind Rollers: Walk-behind rollers compress cohesive soils and asphalt in applications such as small patchwork, road building, commercial grade projects, and public utilities.

  • Let us at Southwest help you gain a deeper understanding of your compaction machinery options and when to use them. Contact us at Southwest JCB.


Dyn@Link is a monitoring tool used to track your machines conveniently from the office, always knowing where they are and if they are running. You can access this information from anywhere, anytime.

With a geo-fencing function within Dyn@Link, it is easy to keep track of your machines, even when not logged in to the webpage. Just add a notification email address to the system and it automatically notifies you when a machine enters or leaves a predefined area.

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