Dynapac North America Partners with Southwest JCB in Arizona and Colorado

Southwest JCB is excited to partner with Dynapac to become the newest dealer partner, SouthwestJCB to the Dynapac network.

The two Southwest JCB locations, Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ will have the complete line of Dynapac products, soil and asphalt rollers, pavers as well as light compaction equipment.

Southwest Material Handling, inc., Acquires ProCon JCB

The acquisition of Procon JCB Expands the Southwest JCB Construction business into 5 new markets

The acquisition of ProCon JCB significantly expands Southwest JCB’s reach into four, high-growth western markets. Southwest Material Handling, Inc. now employees nearly 300 employees operating out of eight facilities across six states.

What to Consider When Buying JCB Heavy Equipment

When buying JCB heavy equipment, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you make an informed decision. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Experience JCB LiveLink

JCB Livelink is an advanced telematics system developed by JCB, a leading manufacturer of construction and agricultural machinery. It is designed to provide real-time monitoring and management of JCB equipment remotely. Livelink utilizes cutting-edge technology to gather data from JCB machines and transmit it to a central system, enabling owners, operators, and fleet managers to access crucial information about their machines' performance and usage.