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Construction Equipment Attachments

Equipment attachments

We have Attachments for all JCB models and all other brands of construction equipment that allow the base machine to do multiple tasks on a job site. The most common carriers include skid steers, excavators, and backhoe loaders. Attachments, also referred to as work tools, attach to the base machine using a coupler or quick coupler. Hydraulics typically control the tool from the cab, and often quick couplers can be actuated from the cab, keeping operators safe during the process. Increase the versatility and productivity of your equipment with quality attachments. Contact us for more details and a quote.

JCB attachments

JCB Attachments & Implements

Equipment attachments are value multipliers for your fleet. By adding the right attachments, one machine becomes two machines, or five or ten! So, make your equipment fleet more cost-effective and finish your jobs faster with Southwest JCB’s line of equipment attachments. Get all your jobs done faster with Southwest JCB construction’s heavy equipment attachments. We carry a complete line of attachments for all JCB construction vehicles, designed to make quick work of whatever job you have to do at your Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Colorado business.


Enhance the productivity and utilization of your construction machine providing increased versatility for any job site with equipment attachments! Choose from a range of products to meet your specific job site conditions.

6-in-1 bucket


A variety of buckets for improved productivity, efficient digging, better material retention and clean release of material. Choose from Deep Profile, Ditch Maintenance, Grading, Heavy Duty, Jaw, Ribbed, Tapered Ditching and Tilting Grading buckets.

jcb breaker equipment southwest jcb


JCB offers an OEM hydraulic breaker range that’s designed to work in perfect harmony with our machines, as well as other brands of excavator and breaker carrier. Choose from our range of compact, medium, large or contractor breakers.

jcb earth drill equipment southwest jcb


For accurate and precise drilling, effective in the erection of fencing, poles, anchors, road signs and planting trees. We have machine mounted Augers with the Reverse rotation for quick back out, which aids in shedding material from the auger bit.


A range of fork options for effortless pick and place applications. We have Excavator pallet forks, floating forks, fork positioners, industrial forks and more. Reduce operator downtime by adding forks to your machine and save money by doing more jobs with the same piece of equipment.


The JCB universal fast charging unit is a portable, free-standing unit with built in lifting eye for easy maneuverability between sites. An IP54 rated enclosure and optional storage and travel cover make it suitable for outdoors. Compatible with all JCB's 100% electric, zero emissions E-TECH range of machines except the HTD-5E dumpster, Access platforms and Tele-truck, eliminating the need for numerous charging solutions.

A range of single phase 110v or 240v 4m and 8m charging leads, and additional 6m extension lead are also available for all machines depending on your needs. Charge leads provide a standard charge time of up to 8 hours or 16 hours dependent on machine.

jcb grapple equipment southwest jcb


Heavy duty grabs and grapples for a wide range of applications. Choose from the Brush Grapple, Industrial Grapple, Power Grab, and Scrap Grapple. Many have the Q/Hitch configuration that maximizes changeover time, gives improved productivity and improves operator safety.

jcb shovels equipment southwest jcb


The Shovel enables the machine operator to undertake dozing, grabbing, loading, digging grading and back filling. Shovels are available in a variety of widths to increase your machines versatility. Choose from the Wastemaster, Side Tip, Light Duty, Landscape, High Tip, Heavy Duty, 6 in 1, and the Mutli Shovel.

jcb tree spade equipment southwest jcb

Tree Spade

The Tree Spade enables the operator to dig, load and transport trees and transforms your machine into a high speed, labor saving, transplanting unit. It includes a 25" cutting angle that allows for operation in confined areas.

jcb ripper equipment southwest jcb

Ripper Tooth

The Ripper Tooth is a fabricated unit that enables the operator to break up frozen or compacted earth surfaces, and concrete or tarmac.

jcb trencher equipment southwest jcb


JCB offers high flow and standard flow models in 36" or 48" dig depths to suit various trenching applications.
• High torque hydraulic motors provide maximum digging power for excellent productivity.
• Side shift feature allows trenching next to walls or structures and single side spoil auger permits working in confined spaces.
• Low profile design for excellent visibility to the trench.

jcb rock saw equipment southwest jcb

Rock Saw

Cut through asphalt and concrete with greater efficiency with the Rock Saw. The 96” (2438 mm) wide cutting width with inboard mounted motor allows cutting next to adjacent clamp walls and the open frame design provides great visibility to the face of the clamp.

jcb rock wheel equipment southwest jcb

Rock Wheels

Rock Wheels are the perfect excavation solution where accuracy of cut, low noise and low vibration are important. They enable the operator to accurately cut most sedimentary rocks, either trenching, scaling, profiling, demolition and excavating permafrost and road.

jcb tiller cgi equipment southwest jcb


The tiller enables the ground to be quickly broken up to mix the soil and compost in landscape applications. Our Dual hitch design allows for center or offset mount for operating next to buildings or other objects.


JCB Attachments offer a range of Lifting Equipment for safe and effecting handling of suspended loads. We have JIBs, Crane Hooks, Extension JIB, Trussmaster and more. Designed to ensure ease of use and greater control when placing loads close to buildings and other objects.

jcb snow blower equipment southwest jcb

Snow Attachments

Ideal solutions for all winter conditions. Choose from a Snow Blade with 25° Hydraulic Angling Blade that enables the operator to plow the snow to whichever side they prefer or a Snow Blower that the has ability to throw the snow up to 14 meters.

Quick Hitch

The Quick Hitch allows for rapid changeover of quickhitch compatible attachments. It is available as manual, or hydraulic. The reduction of changeover time increases effective production time and minimizes operator effort while maximizing operator safety.

Designed to work in perfect harmony with JCB as well as competitor machines across a wide range of industries

Southwest JCB offers a wide variety of heavy construction equipment attachments for an even wider variety of purposes: augers and drills, blades, breakers, brooms, brush cutters, buckets, cold planers and millers, compactors, crushers, and pulverizers, cutting heads, extension jibs, forks, grapples and grabbers, planers, pullers, rippers, rakes, rollers, saws, shears, shovels, snow blowers and pushers, spades, spikes, stump grinders, tillers, trenchers, trusses—the list goes on and on! Whatever type of attachment you need for your construction equipment at your construction or excavation business in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Colorado, Southwest JCB construction has what you want.

Contact Us to learn more about construction attachments, ask about specific attachment ranges for specific brands & models, or get a quote. 

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