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In Arizona, Southwest JCB is the go-to provider of heavy construction equipment for a variety of industries. Whether you’re in construction, demolition, shipping, sales, agriculture, mining or another industry that depends on construction vehicles, rely on Southwest JCB of Phoenix, Arizona, for construction equipment sales, parts, and service.

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Industries we serve in Arizona

Southwest JCB is the  provider of heavy construction equipment for a variety of industries in Arizona – construction, demolition, shipping, sales, agriculture, mining or another industry that depends on heavy duty vehicles, rely on Southwest JCB of Phoenix, Arizona, for construction equipment sales, parts, and service.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Arizona has lots of big, wide-open spaces, and in order to tame them and use them to our best advantage, we need heavy construction equipment.

Agriculture is big here in Arizona, where ranchers raise and sell cattle, calves, hogs, sheep, poultry products, dairy products, and eggs. On a working farm or ranch, heavy equipment is indispensable. A track loader from Southwest JCB can do an incredible variety of farm tasks with the proper attachments. It can move earth or gravel with a bucket, or you can use a grain pusher to quickly move large piles of grain into storage sheds. You can use this same attachment to move sand or gravel as well.

For agriculture and for landscaping, your skid steer or track loader can mow grass, clear brush and level surfaces. They’re perfect for getting a piece of land ready to plant grass or lay sod. They’re also necessary to prepare the ground for installing driveways or stone paver patios. A compact excavator is just what you need for digging holes for ponds and pools or working on a golf course installing sand and water traps. Look at wheel loaders for sale and get one on site to help move materials around, get rid of trash and debris, and spread loam, gravel, or mulch.

Warehouses & Big Box Stores

Warehouses, distribution centers, and big box stores need forklifts to move items from the stockroom to the sales floor and from the sales floor to customers’ vehicles. Forklifts can lift and move palletized items to designated spots in a warehouse, they can be used to unload trucks and trailers and you can even use them to empty dumpsters.

Use your forklift to load heavy items onto a scissor lift to be unloaded onto higher shelves. This allows you more space in your stockroom so you can keep more inventory on hand. Or dispense with both of these pieces of heavy construction equipment and get a Teleskid or a Teletruk. These telescoping vehicles do everything a forklift does and more. The telescoping feature allows you to place heavy items on high shelves or place freight on the opposite side of an 8-foot trailer, saving you the time of having to drive around.

Construction & Demolition

By far the biggest industry that utilizes heavy construction equipment is building. Often backhoes and excavators — prized for their bulk and strength — are used to demolish structures that are no longer needed. As the walls come crashing down, a track loader or a skid steer loader can zip in quickly and scoop up the pieces and dispose of them into a site dumper.

Both excavators and backhoes are essential for digging foundations and may also be used for clearing land and preparing the site. A dozer can level the land in preparation for the building.

Larger pieces of heavy construction equipment may be needed for commercial, industrial, or municipal projects such as building office buildings, apartment complexes, high rises, transportation hubs, libraries, museum buildings, courthouses, factories, and many other structures.


The logging industry in Arizona used to be big north of Phoenix, but in recent years opposition to logging has shut down a lot of operations. A few are still left, and there’s talk of bringing logging back once the wildfires are out. Heavy construction equipment is essential in the logging industry, and it’s helpful fighting wildfires as well.

To access stands of trees, temporary roads need to be made, and dozers are instrumental in creating these. Track loaders are also useful for clearing land, but large stands of trees may need a more powerful backhoe loader or excavator.

Sometimes wildfires can be controlled by clearing land ahead of the fire so that there is nothing for it to burn. Track loaders can be outfitted with grapples that allow them to lift trees and load them onto trucks for the purposes of clearing land for fire prevention, logging access roads, or to stack the product onto trucks for logging operations.


Arizona has a number of working mines that produce copper, gold, silver, uranium, gypsum, salt, clay, and more. Large, powerful excavators are needed to dig the mines, and smaller, more compact heavy construction vehicles such as track loaders are needed to dig tunnels and help remove the ore.

Mining and creating construction material is also big here in Arizona. Businesses use Southwest JCB construction vehicles such as backhoe loaders and excavators to extract stone, sand, and gravel from the earth. Track loaders and wheel loaders are needed to move the materials for crushing, separating, and bagging.

JCB Construction Equipment Parts and Service in Arizona

Southwest JCB also sells parts for your JCB construction vehicles. Maintenance is key to keeping these vehicles running smoothly for as long as possible, so it’s best to keep up with regular oil changes and other tune-up tasks.

But if, despite your best efforts, your JCB construction vehicle breaks down, don’t worry — just call us for service.

Keep in mind that Southwest JCB also has used heavy construction equipment for sale. Take advantage of a discount price on a construction vehicle you’ve always wanted but weren’t sure you could afford.

Southwest JCB of 2950 W Durango St, Phoenix, Arizona, is your friendly local construction equipment supplier for all types of industries throughout Arizona. 








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